About Me

I am the rabbi of a small and absolutely wonderful synagogue, Congregation Kol HaNeshama (KH for short) in Sarasota, Florida.

I was ordained as both a Rabbi and Spiritual Director by ALEPH: The Alliance for Jewish Renewal in January 2017, and earned a MA in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2006. Quite a while before then, I earned a BA in communications/journalism.

Here’s what my synagogue’s web page says about me (and since it’s on the internet, it must be true):  “A vibrant and passionate teacher, storyteller, and singer, Rabbi Jennifer Singer weaves together music, Torah study, and Jewish Liturgy to create an atmosphere of spirituality and joy. Her services are welcoming, musical, spiritual, and uplifting.”


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Mark Sharff said:


    Had a recent post forwarded to me.
    Can I receive a weekly email with your post?
    Hope you and your girls are good. Both of our kids are well, and Maggie is sensational.


  2. Estelle Crawford said:

    Dear Jennifer,

    You are quite sane..and blessed… for knowing what you want. The questions you ask revolve about the logistics of getting there.

    What are the necessary steps to reach your goal?
    If you break it down into manageable bites and inlcude the specific areas in which you need help, I believe you will get it.
    Right now, it’s too vague for uninformed folks like me.

    In practicial terms what does it mean to go to rabbinic school? Can one attend part time? What available scholarships are offered? I’m imagining steps, each one moving you closer to your goals.

    You are an amazing and fabulous woman. Put it out there and you will recieve all the necessary support.

    Simplistic? Maybe.
    Go for it!

  3. Sherry Gluchov said:

    I have a friend who is the senior rabbi at a congregation in Knoxville, Tenn. Her emeritus rabbi replaced Andy Bossov at Temple Emanuel. She was a VP at Fannie Mae (back in the 90’s when they were doing good business) when she heard the call. I met her when I was working for the senior rabbi at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, Ohio and she was participating in a Wexberg fellowship. To paraphrase her response when I asked “why?” she said it was a request I could not refuse. I say go for it!!! all the other details will work themselves out.

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